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  • 287M

  • 349208680488


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Platform Specialty Products Corporation produces and sells specialty chemical products in the Americas, Asia, and Europe. The company’s Performance Materials segment manufactures and markets plating products that are used to plate holes; final finishes, which are used on printed circuit boards; circuit formation products to promote adhesion and form circuit patterns; oxides that are used in the fabrication of multilayer circuit boards; and pre-treatment and cleaning solutions. It also provides functional conversion coatings; electroless nickel products, which are applied to metal and plastic surfaces; decorative plating products; hard-coated films; production and drilling fluids; and drilling fluids that are used in subsea control systems, as well as technical and support services. This segment serves electronics, industrial, and offshore industries. Its Graphic Solutions segment produces and markets photopolymers through a line of flexographic plates for use in the commercial packaging and printing industries. This segment?s products include solid sheet printing elements, which are used in the flexographic printing and platemaking processes; liquid photopolymers that are used to produce printing plates for transferring images onto commercial packaging; and printing equipment, which are thermal plate processing systems. The company’s AgroSolutions segment provides proven plant health and pest control products to growers. Its products include adjuvants, biosolutions, ectoparasiticides, fungicides, herbicides, home and garden products comprising chloropyrifos, insecticides, miticides, plant growth regulators, and seed treatments, as well as honey bee protective miticides and veterinary vaccines. The company was formerly known as Platform Acquisition Holdings Limited and changed its name to Platform Specialty Products Corporation in October 2013. Platform Specialty Products Corporation was founded in 1922 and is headquartered in Miami, Florida.